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Higher Ed Coaching

You worked hard to get into college. 
Now let us help make college work for you!

​Incoming Freshmen, Community College, Transfer & Upper Division Students​


  • Learn how to strategically select courses, effectively communicate with faculty, manage your workload, adapt as an international student, find a student-friendly job, and balance your responsibilities.

  • Acquire the skills to create a social network, resolve roommate disputes, overcome loneliness, foster healthy relationships, and manage family expectations.

  • Learn the necessary steps to qualify for admissions as a transfer student.

  • Develop lifelong skills to become autonomous and self-reliant, navigate college life, choose a career path, identify research and internship opportunities, and establish a path to success after graduation... and much more.

Graduation Handshake

Masters Level Students, Doctoral Level Students & Professional Degree​​ Students.

  • Identify appropriate graduate-level programs and ensure you have the prerequisite coursework and experiences to be an eligible candidate for admission.

  • Learn how to request effective letters of recommendation and construct strong personal essays.

  • Identify graduate student research, teaching, and internship opportunities.

  • Develop lifelong skills to launch and succeed in your chosen career.


​Guidance for cultivating a healthy balance of interdependence and autonomy

From the moment high school students embark on the college application process to the exhilarating first day of college, they are faced with a multitude of decisions that shape their academic journey and campus living experience. Throughout this transformative period, questions arise regarding crucial aspects of college life, such as major and course selection, exploring learning communities, determining suitable living arrangements, participating in academic societies, considering involvement in Greek life, exploring campus job opportunities, and accessing essential health services.

For transfer and upper-division students, rising juniors face a distinct set of questions. These may involve considerations such as whether to declare a minor, how to approach letters of recommendation effectively, and how to secure the best research and internship opportunities.

Knowing the right path to take is not always apparent, and finding the necessary support can be overwhelming and time-consuming. BeyondAdmission provides assistance by guiding students and their families in the right direction. We offer quick answers and support through Virtual Drop-In sessions, as well as ongoing guidance through one-on-one virtual coaching and workshops.

International Students

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Guidance for your US study abroad 

Studying in a country away from home is an adventure of a lifetime. However, like any adventure, the potential for stress increases and the typical pressures that most college students face become more intense. It is not surprising that your new environment will introduce you to different customs, food, and possibly a new language. What may be less expected is the possibility of encountering an educational model that differs drastically from your country's educational system.


Individualized virtual coaching can assist you in deciphering faculty expectations for communication and participation, meeting new friends, navigating social situations, and taking advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.

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