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Students often perceive the obstacles they personally face in college as greater than those of their peers. Workshops offer valuable group settings that help students understand that nearly all their fellow students encounter stressors that can diminish their confidence and pose challenges to their success.


Our workshops combine research-supported content, active learning strategies, and group work to foster essential skills and confidence for your college success.
Game Plan for Graduates
Translate Your Degree into a Fulfilling Career!

Securing the right position after graduation is a numbers game that relies on multiple job searches, applications, and interviews. You need to be strategic and task-oriented throughout the process while making the most of applying to jobs in a digital environment. After all, not everyone has a relative or neighbor who can get them an interview with a prospective employer. Game Plan for Graduates provides targeted marketing techniques to get you to the top of each HR Manager's list.

Starting Off Right for
College-Bound Students

It’s difficult to stay calm as the buzz of college planning surfaces across friends and family conversations. Comparing GPAs, volunteer experiences, student activities, and let’s face it horror stories take over! Starting Off Right assists high school students identify schools that align with your personality, aspirations, and learning style while providing stress and coping skills to support you throughout the selection process and beyond. Through individual and group activities, you'll learn how to choose a major, strike a balance between your goals and family expectations, approach essay writing, and prepare for a successful future in an academic setting that suits your lifestyle.

Parent Prep for Parents of
College-Bound Students

You are likely spending tens of thousands of dollars to send your child to college. Are they ready? Are you ready? Where should they go? How can you best support their application process and personal development without hindering their autonomy? From the moment first-year students begin the application process for college, they face countless decisions regarding their academics and campus living. There are questions about major and course selection, learning communities, living arrangements, academic societies, Greek life, campus jobs, and health services. Parent Prep equips parents with evidence-based skills to assist their students in making a healthy transition to independence and seeking appropriate guidance when needed.

Student with Laptop
College Reboot
a Path to Success in College

How many times have you thought, "I am going to be a serious student this year!" only to find yourself pulling an all-nighter prior to the midterm for a class you rarely attended or never understood to begin with?  Whether you lack motivation, dislike your major, feel overloaded with responsibilities, or have been struggling to find meaning in your college pursuits, College Reboot can help you identify and address the underlying issues that are holding you back using evidence-based strategies for success. 

Jump-Start a
Successful College Experience!

College life is simultaneously exhilarating and stressful. First-time students commonly experience confusion when choosing classes, difficulty speaking to faculty, homesickness or loneliness, roommate issues, poor eating habits, financial disarray, communication challenges with parents, partying, and lack of sleep. Having a plan for addressing these issues helps ensure a happy and successful first year. Jump-Start provides you with a variety of evidence-based skills for academic planning, communication, stress management, and coping using principles of college involvement theory and cognitive restructuring.

High School Friends
Decide Right
Navigating Your College Choice

All of the heavy lifting of college applications is over, and all you need to do is review that stack of acceptance letters to choose your spot. Remember, there is a lot more to picking the right college than its national ranking! Decide Right helps you identify which schools best fit your personality, aspirations, and learning style while providing you with a set of stress and coping skills to support you through the selection process. It also offers guidance for course selection, living with roommates, studying in college, and building a social group.

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