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Career Coaching

Career Development Services


Services are tailored to your unique needs and includes support for resumes, online profiles, job searches, networking, the application process, interviewing skills, web design and how to cope with all the stressors that arise during this exciting time!

  • Career Launch ​​​

    • Receive a comprehensive review of previous work experience and your courses to identify the many skills you have developed throughout your education for a successful career.

    • Learn to identify a suitable and rewarding career choice.

    • Learn to develop strategies to best present yourself in the job market.

  • Career Advancement

    • ​Optimize your opportunities for expanded responsibility and leadership at your current job or within your specific field.

    • Learn relationship building, written and verbal communication, and how to steer clear of office politics.

  • Career Transition

    • ​Learn strategies to transition mid-career to a new field. 

    • Receive a comprehensive review of skills and work experiences to identify possible career paths.

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