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Higher Ed Coaching

You worked hard to get into college. 

Now let us help make college work for you!

Undergraduate Student Support

  • Incoming Freshmen, Community College, Transfer & Upper Division Students​

    • Learn how to select courses strategically, communicate with faculty effectively, manage your workload, adapt as an international student, find a student-friendly job, and balance responsibilities. 

    • Learn to create a social network, settle roommate disputes, conquer loneliness, build healthy relationships, and balance family expectations. 

    • For those transferring, ensure you take the proper steps to qualify for admissions.

    • Become autonomous and self-reliant by developing lifelong skills to navigate college life, choose a career path, identify research and internship opportunities, and build a bridge to life after graduation... and much more.

Graduate Student Support

  • Master's DegreeDoctoral Degree, Professional Degree​​s

    • Identify appropriate graduate level programs and ensure you have the prerequisite coursework and  experiences to be an eligible candidate for admission.

    • Learn how to request effective letters of recommendation and construct strong personal essays.

One-on-one In-Person and Virtual Coaching offer ongoing individualized support to help you make the most of your academic and social life in higher education. 

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